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Classic (Swedish) massage at Hotel Daniel

Full Body Massage

The ultimate relaxation therapy. A full body Swedish massage relaxes your muscles and has an energizing and uplifting effect.approximately 50 min € 74.-

Partial Body Massage

Choose between a back or leg massage.approximately 25 min € 40.-

Kids Massage (10 years and under)

approximately 25 min € 39.- 

De-stressing Aromatherapy Massage

A relaxing massage with a customized selection of soothing essential oils.approximately 50 min € 76.-

Sports Massage

A targeted massage that loosens muscles and provides relief after any kind of workout. This massage uses energizing oil and an invigorating tonic.

approximately 25 min € 41.-

approximately 50 min € 76.-

Pregnancy Massage

Specially Massage for our expectant mothers!approximately 25 min € 43.-

Tyrolean Mineral Oil Massage

Treat your body to a highly soothing massage with a harmonious blend of fine oils that will make your skin soft and supple.

ca.25 Minuten € 41,-

ca.50 Minuten € 76,-

Swiss Stone Pine Oil Massage

The pinewood detoxifies the skin effectively when rubbed. Thanks to its circulation-promoting effect, it relieves muscle tension or rheumatism. The massage is relaxing and serves to relieve stress without tiring. Your ideal relaxation and energy kicks for betwee.

approximately 25 min € 41.-

approximately 50 min € 76.-

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