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Keeping fit on vacation

Our 70 m² large gym has... 

  • 1 Stairmaster
  • 1 exercise bike
  • 2 treadmill
  • 1 Bar-Bell Tower & Bar-Bell Weight-Bench
  • 1 Multifunctional Power Machine
  • 4 Fascia Black Roll & 4 Gym Mattress
  • 2 table tennis (indoor & outdoor)

    It will help you stay fit on vacation and will get you back in shape in case you’ve splurged at our afternoon buffet. ;-)
Fitnessraum für Ihren Aktivurlaub im Ötztal
Fitness room for your active holiday in the Ötztal
Fitness during your stay in the Ötztal
Table tennis in the Ötztal

Your personal trainer

If you are interested in having a personal trainer, you will love working with our fitness coach Christian Kopp. He will put together a professional training program with nutrition tips tailored to your individual goals.

duration: 60 minutes (+ free 15-minute consultation)
1 lesson € 89.-
3 lessons € 259.-