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Body Treatments

‘For Her and for Him’- Marion's Herbal Peeling

This de-stressing sage peeling removes dead skin cells, calms your skin and makes it soft and smooth.

Approximately 50 min € 59.-

Cellulite Treatment with Massage

Special treatment with deep-down action consisting of an activating algae peeling followed by a detoxifying Stop3 Gel Massage. You will be amazed by the results!

Approximately 60 min € 63.-

3 treatments € 179.-

Chocolate Body Mask

Indulge in the fragrant aroma of chocolate and experience the smoothing effect of this wrap mask. This treatment will lift your spirits and pamper your body, mind and soul.

Approximately 50 min € 58.-

Body ACE "Novelty"

This treatment consists of an effective peeling followed by a nourishing body mask packed with vitamins.

Approximately 50 min € 62.-

Aloe Vera Treatment - "Super Soft Skin"

Aloe gel wrap with 120 nutrients for ‘inside and out’ followed by a massage with aloe lotion.

Approximately 25 min € 35.-

Approximately 50 min € 60.-

Aroma foam baths in our light therapy hot tub

Private Spa for two

Hay flower: A calming bath for inner harmony. Our hay flower bath has a tranquilizing and balancing effect and will bring you peace of mind and instant stress relief.

approximately 20 min - € 31.-

Lavender: Regenerating bath for body and soul after an exhausting day. This bath has soothing and moisturizing properties and is ideal for dry or sensitive skin.

approximately 20 min - € 31.-

Eucalyptus: The perfect remedy for colds, bronchitis or influenza. This soothing bath will strengthen your respiratory system, relieve congestion and let you breathe freely.

approximately 20 min – € 31.

Aroma Baths in Hotel Daniel

English Rose: Divine fragrant rose oil. Treasure the moment and feel how this precious oil relaxes your body and stills your mind.

approximately 20 min - € 31.-

Lemongrass: A fresh scent with a touch of Asian relaxation.

approximately 20 min – € 31.-

Good Mood: A truly dreamlike composition of fresh essences, mild and relaxing. This bath will take you on a magnificent journey to a land of dreams.

approximately 20 min - € 31.-

Pampered from head to toe

Bat those eyes!

Eyelash tinting € 15.-
Eyebrow tinting € 15.-
Eyelash and eyebrow tinting & shaping €30.-
Eyebrow shaping €15.-

Pamper your hands!

Classic manicure excluding nail polish aproxm. 40min. €40.-
Classic manicure including nail polish aproxm. 50min. €45.-
Wellness manicure with peeling mask & massage excluding nail polish aproxm. 60min €50.-
Wellness manicure with peeling mask & massage including nail polish aproxm. 60min €59.-

Give your feet a break!

Classic pedicure – excluding nail polish approxm. 40min. € 40.-
Classic pedicure – including nail polish approxm. 50min. € 45.-
Wellness pedicure with a Oil peeling mask & massage excluding nail polish approxm. 50min. € 50.-
Wellness pedicure with a Oil peeling mask & massage including nail polish approxm. 60min. € 59.-

Our massage and cosmetic therapist

Marion will relax your muscles after an active day of skiing or hiking in Ötztal. She offers classic, special or combined massage treatments directly at our hotel from Monday through Friday. Also available on weekends upon request.

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