Wellness & Spa

Even back in the old days the Romans knew about the deep relaxation effect of steam baths and saunas. Our wellness & spa facility has recently been redesigned and offers various saunas, an aroma steam room, an ice fountain, a foot reflexology pool, experience showers, a ‘vitamin bar’ with a selection of teas, a Grander water drinking fountain, a solarium and a fresh-water hot tub. A beautiful panoramic relaxation room with inviting loungers will do the rest to help you unwind.

Our Sauna Area

Tyrolean Herbal Sauna

Our Herbal Sauna is used as an alternating bath (hot-cold) and has a scrap wood design. As soon as you enter the sauna you will smell the fragrant natural aroma of wood and dried mountain herbs.

At 40-45 % humidity and 40-65°C (105-150 Fahrenheit), the heat radiating off the wall will slowly heat your body. The cold water and outside air will cool you off, increase your blood circulation and stimulate your immune system.

The ‘hot’ Finnish Sauna

This sauna is used as an alternating bath (hot-cold). At 5-10 % humidity and 85-100°C (185-210 Fahrenheit) your body will slowly heat up. After the sauna, you will cool off with cold water and cold air to increase your blood circulation and boost your immune system.

Aroma Steam Room

In the Aroma Steam Room, the air is filled with steam containing herbal essences. The heat radiating off the walls – just like in the old Roman baths – enhances this special sauna experience. Colored lighting provides additional therapeutic effects, stimulating your central nervous system and psyche. If used regularly, this can improve your general wellbeing

Aromatherapy Foam Baths in our Fresh-Water Hot Tub

Aromatherapy baths have a soothing effect on everyone exposed to a lot of stress in their daily lives. The mountain herbs, rosemary, eucalyptus, lavender, lemongrass or rose essences and the candlelight atmosphere will let you forget your everyday worries.

This Private Spa experience can be booked upon arrival at our hotel.

Invigorating Ice Fountain

Our beautifully designed fountain is filled with crushed ice ready for you to use. Rub the ice on your hot body and enjoy the invigorating sensation on your skin. The ice will increase your blood circulation and boost your immune system.

Help yourself to some aromatic teas or some energizing ‘Grander’ water at our VITAMIN BAR.

Grander water provides an extraordinary experience as it is ‘revitalized’ and has qualities that can rarely be found in natural water anymore. Grander water is said to be highly resilient, making it resistant to outside influences.

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