Tripadvisor - Best of the Best 2022

Face Treatments


Pampering facial treatment for your face. Eyebrow shaping included upon request.approximately 60 min € 71.-

Complex C – Vital Express

This vitamin boost for tired and stressed skin protects your skin from free radicals and slows down light-induced skin aging. Includes a relaxing hand massage.approximately 90 min € 94.-

Burst of Freshness - Q10

This treatment is ideal for any kind of irritated skin. The Collagen Biomatrix Mask adds moisture to the skin and diminishes lines and wrinkles.approximately 90 min € 97.-

For Young Skin

Would you like to get rid of those little skin problems? This skin care treatment is designed to target the source of those little imperfections. Impure skin can be problematic for all ages, not just during puberty.approximately 60 min € 71.-


Feel-good facial treatment with "vegan organic cosmetics"Approximately 60 min € 75-


Treat your wrinkles with the ‘smallest wrinkle iron’ in the world, producing immediate results. This treatment permanently replenishes and smooths your skin. For men and women. Includes cleansing & peeling.approximately 50 min € 71.-

Champagne HSR

Champagne yeast provides an intense lifting effect, firms the skin and reduces fine lines.approximately 90min € 129.-

Anti-Age Deluxe

The ultimate treatment for delicate skin. This luxury firming algae mask replenishes and moisturizes your skin, stimulates cell activity and has a soothing and cooling effect on your skin.approximately 90min € 115.-