Classic (Swedish) massage at Hotel Daniel

Full Body Massage

The ultimate relaxation therapy. A full body Swedish massage relaxes your muscles and has an energizing and uplifting effect.

Approximately 50 min € 69.-

Partial Body Massage

Choose between a back or leg massage.

Approximately 25 min € 38.-

Kids Massage (10 years and under)

Approximately 25 min € 35.-

De-stressing Aromatherapy Massage

A relaxing massage with a customized selection of soothing essential oils.

Approximately 50 min € 70.-

Sports Massage

A targeted massage that loosens muscles and provides relief after any kind of workout. This massage uses energizing oil and an invigorating tonic.

Approximately 25 min € 39.-

Approximately 50 min € 71.-

Pregnancy Massage

Specially Massage for our expectant mothers!

Approximately 25 min € 41.-

Tyrolean Mineral Oil Massage

Treat your body to a highly soothing massage with a harmonious blend of fine oils that will make your skin soft and supple.

Approximately 25 min € 39.-

Approximately 50 min € 71.-

We recommend
Swiss Stone Pine Oil Massage

The pinewood detoxifies the skin effectively when rubbed. Thanks to its circulation-promoting effect, it relieves muscle tension or rheumatism. The massage is relaxing and serves to relieve stress without tiring. Your ideal relaxation and energy kicks for betwee.

Approximately 25 min € 39.-

Approximately 50 min € 71.-

Marion and here Team...

...will relax your muscles after an active day of skiing or hiking in Ötztal. She offers classic, special or combined massage treatments directly at our hotel from Monday through Saturday. Also available on Sunday upon request.

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